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THIS IS THE HOMEPAGE for materials relating to the United States Marine Corps (USMC) operations in Nicaragua, ca. 1912-1933.  These USMC-Doc pages house personal letters, personal diaries, oral interviews, and a wide range of other published & unpublished materials from a variety of libraries, archives, and collections, especially the Marine Corps Research Center (MCRC) in Quantico, VA, the Library of Congress, and the US National Archives.  (Photo at right: Headquarters of the 2nd Brigade of the U.S. Marine Corps in Managua, the unit charged with maintaining "order & stability" in Nicaragua, ca. 1928, from Record Group 127, US National Archives, College Park, MD)

These materials are (or will be) accessible on the following pages or sets of pages:

casualties Official List of Marine Corps Casualties in Nicaragua, 1927-1933

photographs:  PHOTO-DOCS:  MCRC / LOC / USNA1 / USNA2 / others

PUBLISHED MATERIALs:  Marine Corps Gazette, The Leatherneck, memoirs, autobiographies, biographies & MORE

blake:  Maj. Gen. Robert Blake Papers, "Chap. VII, Nicaragua, 1928-9, '30, '32" (Personal Papers Collection, MCRC)

CRAIG Lt. Gen. Edward A. Craig (Ret.), Oral History Transcript, 1968 (MCRC)

DENIG:  Personal Diary of northern area commander Col. Robert L. Denig

EDSON Personal Letters of Capt. Merritt A. Edson, 1927-1929 (LOC)

ERSKINE:  Gen. Graves B. Erskine (Ret.), Oral History Transcript, 1975 (MCRC)

GRIFFITH:  Brig. Gen. Samuel B. Griffith, II (Ret.), Oral History Transcript, 1976 (MCRC)

HOGABOOM:  Lt. Gen. Robert E. Hogaboom (Ret.), Oral History Transcript, 1972 (MCRC)

kilcourse:  Personal Diary of Lt. T. J. Kilcourse, Special Expedition against El Chipote, Dec. 1927-Jan. 1928

PULLER & LEE:  The Case of Chesty Puller, William "iron-man" Lee & Company M

SMITH:  Lt. Gen. Julian C. Smith (Ret.), Oral History Transcript, 1973 (MCRC)

THOMAS:  Personal Letters of Private First-Class Emil "PORTER" Thomas of Ohio TO FIANCÉE BEATRICE (Alden Library, Ohio University, Athens, OH)