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B Y     R E P O S I T O R Y
B Y     T H E M E

Photo MCRC-3.1.  Patrol on the march.  

No caption or date.  A big patrol marching single-file across a plain; maybe one of las sabanas around Macuelizo. 

Photo  MCRC-3.2.   Patrol fording shallow river.

Photo  MCRC-3.3.  Patrol marching through low brush.

Photo  MCRC-3.4.  Patrol fording stream.

No caption or date on the three photos above, which despite their poor quality capture many of the quotidian activities of Marine-Guardia ground patrols.

Photo  MCRC-3.5.   Pedro the dog, San Juan de Limay, May 1928.

""Pedro"   age 2 months   May 25, 1928    St. Juan de Limay,   Nicaragua.   Geo. F. Stockes". 

Photo  MCRC-3.6.   Lt. Salzman with George the Mule, 50th Co., San Lucas.

"Lieut. Salzman, 50th Co. San Lucas   with "George""  Developed & printed at "Post Studio" in Managua.   

Photo  MCRC-3.7.   Native couple on small child's baptism day.

A powerful image.  The title given above is based on appearances -- this looks like a husband & wife on their child's baptism day; the white formal garb draping woman and child suggests a religious ritual of some kind (a wedding seems unlikely with the child dressed so.)  Especially notable are the couple's bare feet, suggesting their poverty and low social status.  Is this a Guardia recruit?  Probably a friend or ally of George Stockes (who likely gave the man a copy & kept one for himself).  A photo crying out for the caption it doesn't come with.   

Photo  MCRC-3.8.   Guardia barracks, Somoto.

Photo is not captioned, but the round church roof, poking over the far (left) end of the barracks, appears to be the same structure as in the photo below.   

Photo  MCRC-3.9.  Mounted patrol headed out of Somoto.


No caption or date.  Mounted patrol clearing Somoto, with Capt. Stockes probably in the lead, turning around, and snapping this shot.   

Photo  MCRC-3.10.   Foot patrol across the plains.

No caption or date.  Foot patrol of 17 or so men in the camera's eye.

Photo  MCRC-3.11.   Marines at rest outside building.

No caption or date, but like all the other Stockes photos here cries out to be scanned at high-resolution.  A great photograph.

Photo  MCRC-3.12.  Patrol through pine forest.

Point man turns around & snaps.  An evocative image.

Photo  MCRC-3.13.   Patrol stopped on hillside.

Looks like a traffic jam.  More likely a meeting of some kind, as the men's attention appears to be directed to the cluster of people in the middle-background.  Perhaps these were Honduran border agents, all of whom Capt. Stockes knew personally, and who for political reasons could not permit themselves to be photographed (recognizably) with Marines.  Another blurry image meriting a high-res scan.

Photo  MCRC-3.14.   Foot patrol along trail in flatlands.

Twenty-eight or so men visible, seven on horseback.  Stockes must have ridden into the brush for a moment just to snap this shot.

Photo  MCRC-3.15.   Foot patrol through mountains.

Captures the moment -- a foot patrol on the march, seven men we can see, rifles slung across their backs, heading downhill & away from the viewer.

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