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B Y     R E P O S I T O R Y
B Y     T H E M E

Photo MCRC-4.1.  Foot patrol down stream.  

No date or caption.  Another spontaneous candid shot of what looks like pretty miserable duty.   

Photo  MCRC-4.2.  Foot patrol approaching settlement.

Somewhere near the Honduran border.   

Photo  MCRC-4.3.  Marines resting on log along trail.

On break on patrol; looks like lunch.

Photo  MCRC-4.4.  Two armed mounted men in open forest.

Probably somewhere near Dipilto; these don't look like Marines; is the person on the left a woman?  Conveys a good sense of much of the landscape in the Western Segovias.

Photo  MCRC-4.5.  Segovian village.

Photo  MCRC-4.6.   Three Marines in camp.

A nice image.  Marine at right cradles the muzzle of a Thompson sub-machine gun.

Photo  MCRC-4.7.   Betty the Deer, Mascot of 50th Co., Somoto, August 1928.

"Betty"  Mascot of 50th Company, Somoto, Nic.  Aug 15, 1928."

Photo  MCRC-4.8.   Gathering of citizens, Somoto.

Be wonderful to know who these people are.  Quite a few people here barefoot, along with what look like local eminences.  Neither caption nor date.  Pity.

Photo  MCRC-4.9.   Marine barracks, Somoto, October 1928.

"Marine Barracks,  Somoto, Nic    Capt. Geo. F. Stockes, Comd'g    October 1, 1928."

Photo  MCRC-4.10.   Somoto, with Somoto Mountain in the Distance, August 1928.

"View of Somoto, Nicaragua    Captain Geo. F. Stockes, Comd'g.   Aug. 20, 1928."

Photo  MCRC-4.11.   Mounted Patrol with Capt. Stockes & Lts. McHenry and Shaw, August 1928.

"X -- me.  Lieut. McHenry and Lieut Shaw on right and left.   Somoto, NIcaragua, August 30, 1928."

Photo  MCRC-4.12.   Nine Marine Officers, Somoto, July 1928.

"First row -- Capt. Stockes, Capt. Reagan, Lt. Mosher.   Back row -- Lieut. Brink, Lieut. Luckey, Capt. Erskine, Colonel Dunlap, Capt. Austin (U.S.A.) and Capt. Sanderson     July, 1928."

Photo  MCRC-4.13.   Four Marine officers, four Nicaraguans, Somoto, August 1928.

Four prominent local citizens and four Marine officers.  Looks like Capt. Stockes and Colonel Dunlap in the front row.

Photo  MCRC-4.14.   Voluntarios, Somoto.

Photo  MCRC-4.15.   Voluntario Gen. Caldera, Col. Cordero, Capt. Espinosa, Somoto, late 1928.

"Lt. Neal, G.M.   Col. Cordero, Vol.   Gen. Caldera,  Vol.    Capt. Stockes, USMC     Capt. Espinosa, Vol."


A great shot of three prominent Voluntario jefes -- a fascinating effort in late 1928 & early 1929 to privatize violence-making capacities to supplement the Guardia Nacional & Marines, and one that came to a quick halt in mid-1929 after things began to get out of hand.  Despite the name, voluntario troops were paid pretty handsomely.  There's an article waiting to be written on these guys.

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